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If you need any help in choosing your wig we can help via the phone as we are not just 'an Internet Company', we have Qualified Hairdressers & Colour Technicians that used to work for Goldwell on our staff.

You will see we offer the best quality wigs at the highest possible discounts as we are internet-based, but we do welcome private consultations by appointment only.

You can return any ordered goods within 14 days and you will be granted a 'no charge' policy, as long as the goods meet with our terms and conditions policy

.* All artwork, images and photography are the sole property of Rene of Paris and may not be copied,reproduced or otherwise used without prior permission from Rene of Paris.

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Lizzy Wig

Lizzy Wig£84.00

Tori Wig

Tori Wig£99.00

Bailey Wig

Bailey Wig£99.00

Megan Wig

Megan Wig£90.00

Sandie Wig

Sandie Wig£99.00

Swing Wig

Swing Wig£109.00

Blues Wig

Blues Wig£109.00

Coco Wig

Coco Wig£94.00

Jana Wig

Jana Wig£95.00

Kate Wig

Kate Wig£85.00

Shasta Wig

Shasta Wig£80.00

Ashley Wig

Ashley Wig£84.00

Bobbi Wig

Bobbi Wig£47.00

Click Wig

Click Wig£93.00

Eve Wig

Eve Wig£75.00

Joey Wig

Joey Wig£80.00

Pam Wig

Pam Wig£99.00

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Page 1 of 4:    68 Items
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