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At Wigs and Pieces, we offer a range of brands of wigs, including Rene of Paris, Noriko and many more.  These brands have a collection of wigs that include hand-tied, lace fronts, human hair or wigs made from monofibre.  Some of the latest technology includes fibre that has the ability to have heat applied so that you can change your style if so desired.  It is always important to read all instructions.
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Reese Wig

Reese Wig£114.00   £91.00

Sky Wig 1649

Sky Wig 1649£107.00   £85.00

Bailey Wig

Bailey Wig£99.00   £79.00

Lizzy Wig

Lizzy Wig£82.00   £65.00

Cameron Wig

Cameron Wig£99.00   £79.00

Codi Mono Wig

Codi Mono Wig£216.00   £172.00

Tia Mono Wig

Tia Mono Wig£207.00   £165.00

Coco Wig

Coco Wig£93.00   £74.00

Nori Wig 1682

Nori Wig 1682£130.00   £104.00

Celine Short Wig

Celine Short Wig£94.00   £80.00

Erin Mono Wig

Erin Mono Wig£207.00   £165.00

Sandie Wig

Sandie Wig£99.00   £79.00

Audrey Wig

Audrey Wig£94.00   £75.00

Danni Wig

Danni Wig£95.00   £63.00

Embrace Bob Wig

Embrace Bob Wig£95.00   £81.00

Faith by Hairworld

Faith by Hairworld£120.00   £94.00

Gia Wig

Gia Wig£84.00   £67.00

Misha Wig

Misha Wig£106.00   £84.00

Shannon Wig

Shannon Wig£92.00   £73.00

Tyler Wig

Tyler Wig£88.00   £70.00

Angelica Wig

Angelica Wig£158.00   £126.00

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Page 1 of 27:    565 Items

If you need any assistance in choosing your wig, our team can give you advice on the phone as we are not just 'an internet company'. We have qualified hairdressers & colour technicians on our team who have worked for established companies including Goldwell and TRESemmé. Our staff are happy to help you with any enquiries.

If you are unsure about the shade you need for your wig, we provide a colour match service where you can send us a sample of your hair (or wig) by post. We can then suggest the nearest shade for you. If you need to chat about colour match, we also host a messenger service via webcam. Please call us on 01964 631199 for further details.