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 How does chemotherapy affect your hair?

Chemotherapy often causes hair loss. This is because the cells in the hair follicles grow fast and chemotherapy damages fast growing cells.  Hair loss is not permanent and it will grow back once your treatment has ended. Not all drugs cause hair loss - some just cause thinning and others cause dramatic hair loss including the body hair and eyebrows. Furthermore, different people have different tolerances to the drugs. Occasionally, some people lose their hair when it is not expected and sometimes, in other cases, no hair loss occurs when it is expected. 


Hair loss can start any time from after the first few days after chemotherapy to within a few weeks. However, your hair will grow back once treatment is complete, although to start with your hair will grow back very fine, almost like baby's hair. Your clinic nurse will explain this in detail for you. After three to six months you should have regained a full head of hair although it may be slightly different to before your treatment in terms of colour and texture. Sometimes it may come back curly or course, no-one can predict the effect it has on the re-growth.

It is advisable to wear a shorter wig towards the end of your treatment, then when your hair is of a similar length, the transition is sometimes not noticeable.  We give VAT Relief off the value of your wig during your treatment and until your hair fully recovers. Once you have chosen your desired wig, you can then claim back your VAT after a 14 day cooling off period, this allows you to return the wig if the style/fit is not suitable.

Here is the link for you, you can apply for VAT Relief direct on the website: Please also visit our size guide and info page for your questions and answers.

If you wish to speak to any of our consultants, call 01964 631199 where one of the fully trained staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may raise. Our aim is to help you feel and look good during and after your treatment.  We hope this info will assist you.


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