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Human Hair Wigs

Wigs & Pieces was established ten years ago and is known for excellence in supplying top quality hair and wig accessories. Now for the first time, we proudly introduce our new collections made from the finest real human hair available.

These wigs are so natural, you'll love the look and the feel of real human hair. The collection includes Sentoo Collection, Gem Collection, Revlon, Hairworld and Raquel Welch of Human Hair. Human Hair wigs need more taking care of and treating gently especially when wet. Please use the recommended products for these wigs.

If you suffer from chronic illness i.e. chemotherapy or alopecia you could receive 20% VAT Relief reduction, please call our admin office for further details. 

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Diamond Wig (un-styled)

Diamond Wig (un-styled)£590.00

Amber Wig (un-styled)

Amber Wig (un-styled)£550.00

Emerald Wig (un-styled)

Emerald Wig (un-styled)£530.00

Monet Wig

Monet Wig£800.00

Ruby Wig (un-styled)

Ruby Wig (un-styled)£425.00

Skye 100% Human Hair

Skye 100% Human Hair£430.00

Impulse Wig

Impulse Wig£785.00

Adele Wig

Adele Wig£1,300.00

Alana 100% Human Hair

Alana 100% Human Hair£330.00

Allure Ellen Wille Wig

Allure Ellen Wille Wig£630.00

Amaze Wig

Amaze Wig£620.00

Analisa Wig

Analisa Wig£820.00

Angelo Wig

Angelo Wig£510.00

Angie Exclusive Wig 707A

Angie Exclusive Wig 707A£1,190.00

Angie Wig 707

Angie Wig 707£1,190.00

Ashley Wig

Ashley Wig£645.00

Ashley Wig Petite

Ashley Wig Petite£730.00

Bellini Wig

Bellini Wig£1,490.00

Blake Exclusive Wig 726A

Blake Exclusive Wig 726A£1,575.00

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Page 1 of 6:    113 Items
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