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Brand:  Sentoo Wigs
Colour Shown:  4/6
Head Size:  Average
Crown:  23 cm
Nape:  19 cm
Front:  19 cm
Made From:  High Quality Fibre
Features:  Lace Front/Mono Top Hand Tied
Description:  Only available for purchase in the UK

 The Myu Wig by Sentoo Premium collection of wigs. Long relaxed layers create a stunning feathered modern silhoutte.
Myu Sentoo WigMyu Sentoo Wig

This is applicable to clients who wear wigs for medical reasons only. Clients that wear wigs due to Alopecia, chemotherapy treatment, or any other medical condition that causes hair loss and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. If you fall under this category, you are entitled to receive the VAT off the cost of your wig or eyebrow tattoos if alopecia related.

Exemption on VAT is available whether you purchase from mail order or over the internet. Mail order or internet orders will require a complete VAT Exemption form to be sent to us, via the website or by post - this is after 7 days, confirming you are keeping the goods. Your VAT will then be returned to your here for the link

After you have added your goods to basket, a choice delivery charges will be shown,during the year we often have free delivery or special delivery prices. Normal delivery is 5- 7 days, it may of course be sooner - you will be notified by email the day before despatch to let you know  it's on it's way...... but if your order is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed via e-mail, so please make sure your e-mail is current, the e-mail will request whether you require the choice of either choosing a different shade or style or waiting for the order to arrive. You can always call us to check availability prior to ordering.

Sale goods can be despatched same day. An estimated date will be given. If you do not receive your parcel after 15 days, you must notify us for a lost parcel claim, which can take up to 30 days.

If you have a multiple order please email for special postage prices. Outside UK delivery can vary from 5 - 21 days onwards, depending on your country's national postal system. We do offer DHL for International orders but not liquids/sprays etc due to Airline restrictions.

Please note  Ellen Wille Wigs and Hairpieces, Raquel Welch European and Gisela Mayer Wigs take longer to deliver as we have to import them, so (approx) delivery is 14 working days.



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Myu Wig
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A real feel
Thursday, 15 September 2011  |  Linda

This is my 3rd wig and definitely the best one - hands down. It's very light, flowy and looks so real. The colour (2/4 - dark dark brown) had a very natural look to it.

The positives: It looks and feels real, it's light and manageable, and you can style it quite easily.

The downside: Because it has a lace front, you can see a thin strip of the lace against the forehead. When I cut the lace so it was close to the rim (I watched a youtube video), it became very itchy and starts splitting (mind you I've had this wig for over 6 months now). After a while it loses its lustre and has become quite tangly that now I keep clipping it up.

Overall, It is pretty pricey, but is the best wig I've purchased so far.

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my confidence booster !
Saturday, 8 May 2010  |  Sheena

I would like to share my experience of purchasing and wearing the "MYU" wig as I am extremely pleased with it despite minor set backs caused by myself. This is my second experience of wearing a wig since having lost my hair completely 8 years ago due to chemo and although my hair has grown back and I do not require a wig for every day, it is very thin and I feel very self concious at times. I decided to purchase a wig as I have recently started to go to concerts and wanted to have nice hair just for this so I could feel that I looked normal and fitted in with the crowd. I originally purchased a similar length "crystal" which was a lovely style but I discovered that my head was petite as this came down over my ears, after my inital dissapointment I was advised by the very helpful and understanding ladies at wigs and pieces that the "sentoo" wigs were a particularly good quality petite range that fitted well. After taking the time to choose which style and shade of the sentoo wigs I would purchase, I had left it to the last minute to order it in time for a weekend trip to london and therefore had only about four hours to practice in front of the mirror from collecting the packet from the post office and attending a concert at the millenuim dome with about 10,000 people around me, so this was going to be a test to my nerves as I was afraid the wig would slip and I would not know untilI I had chance to look in a mirror, therefore I tried to secure the wig to my own hair with 10 hair grips discreetly placed at intervals under the hair, I also tightened the elastic adjusters at the back to make sure it stuck fast to my head ! I wore it the following day the same way and was constantly trying to catch my reflection in shop windows etc to keep a check incase it had ridden up my forehead and was revealing my own hair, consequently I gave my self a headache at the wig being far too tight and spent all my time trying to gently pull the wig forward by making out I was scratching my head as it did keep moving up my forehead despite all the hair grips. I have since decided to spend the most of a day with my wig on in the house moving about doing various things where I would normally expect the wig to move, but this time without any hair grips and loosened the adjusters fully, I have now discovered the wig to be so comfortable and after not touching it for hours at a time have found on checking it in the mirror that it has not moved one millimetre ! I have certainly learnt that I should have trusted the designers that the wig would fit well and stay in place as it is very well made, strong but so lightweight and after a while you can forget you are wearing it. I am now even more pleased with my purchase as I am wearing it out more and more and I am looking at purchasing a second wig. I can honestly say I wish I'd had such a comfortable and natural looking styled wig when I was going through chemo instead of the caramel coloured "granny" wig I was issued by the NHS ! Wearing the "MYU" wig has really boosted my confidence no end and I have also had some great compliments on my hair. One last point, the colour I purchased, 829, is a really lovely 2 tone natural shade and suits my pale complexion well. I would highly recommend the MYU wig and for thier friendly service.

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Best wig I have ever worn
Saturday, 12 January 2008  |  Emma

I ordered the Myu Senatoo wig and it arrived to Ireland in less than a week. I couldnt believe my eyes when I put it on - the colour is exactly what my original hair colour was and it looks nothing like a wig. It dosent have a fringe and the join between the wig and my forehead is complety invisible. Its incredibly light to wear. I wore it to a night out to meet a large group of people I worked with before I had got cancer and had chemo. No one could believe I had lost my hair and was wearing a wig. Its the first time since I lost my hair that i actually looked in the mirror and was pleased with the result. Many thanks to Teresa who was so helpful on the phone and by email and also for having my wig arrive so quickly in the post. I would highly recommend that anyone purchasing a wig for the first time who is any way unsure, should ring and purchase one of the Senatoo range - you will not be disappointed and will feel great wearing it. Thanks again to !!!
Emma , Kilkenny, Ireland.

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