3 Easy Green Front Shaped Tape


Brand:  Hairworld


Pre split backing paper for easy removal
Bags of 36 pieces per pack
14 days wear (guide only dependent on temperature, humidity, and body oils)

Easy green tape has a dull finish for a natural look with built in bacteria control. This tape can be used on lace systems.

A Patch test should be performed before using any product to ensure there is no allergic reaction to their use.


Patch Test

Place a small amount of tape/adhesive/remover on an area of sensitive skin.
Put a band-aid over the tape/adhesive/remover and leave for 24 hours.
Remove the band-aid after 24 hours and check for any reaction. Also, check to make sure that the product didn't release from the skin.
If there is any redness or irritation, do not use the product.
If no irritation occurred and the product was secure on the skin, you can use with confidence.

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