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Natural Image is the UK’s leading ladies wig specialist and has an extensive collection of ladies wigs and accessories. For over 30 years they have been providing wigs, advice and support to ladies who love wearing wigs for fashion or convenience reasons - and for necessity wearers who are experiencing chemotherapy, alopecia or other hair loss related symptoms.

If you are looking for beautiful wigs and stylish products you will find the perfect solution at Natural Image. Natural Image Wigs are a combination of fashion, traditional and modern wigs that include monofilament tops, hand-tied wigs and lace fronts. This collection of wigs also has shades to suit all ages. Visit this link to find out more about the construction of each wig.

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Leonora Wig

Leonora Wig£110.00   £82.00

Spring Wig

Spring Wig£95.00   £94.00

Leila Wig

Leila Wig£99.00   £78.00

Corinne Wig

Corinne Wig£94.00   £75.00

Eva Wig

Eva Wig£104.00   £78.00

Grace Mono Pt Lace Front Wig

Grace Mono Pt Lace Front Wig£134.00   £100.50

Dream Mono Mini Petite Wig

Dream Mono Mini Petite Wig£200.00   £150.00

Dream Mono Top Wig

Dream Mono Top Wig£200.00   £150.00

Time Mono Top Wig

Time Mono Top Wig£200.00   £150.00

Bliss Mono Top Wig

Bliss Mono Top Wig£180.00   £144.00

Chance Mono Top Wig

Chance Mono Top Wig£200.00   £159.00

Flora Wig

Flora Wig£110.00   £82.00

Pixie Wig

Pixie Wig£104.00   £84.00

Tantalise Hand-Tied Wig

Tantalise Hand-Tied Wig£254.00

Zara Wig - ZR

Zara Wig - ZR£94.00   £75.00

Adele Wig

Adele Wig£104.00   £75.00

Angelique Mono Crown Wig

Angelique Mono Crown Wig£110.00   £91.00

Harwood Wig

Harwood Wig£130.00   £96.00

Attract Mono Wig

Attract Mono Wig£180.00   £150.00

Eternity Mono Wig

Eternity Mono Wig£230.00   £170.00

Everlasting Mono Wig

Everlasting Mono Wig£200.00   £150.00

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Page 1 of 4    (77 Items)Sort by:    Name   Newest   Price Asc   Price Desc   Top Sellers

Customer Services & Colour Matching

If you need any assistance in choosing your wig, our team can give you advice on the phone as we are not just 'an internet company'. We have qualified hairdressers & colour technicians on our team who have worked for established companies including Goldwell and TRESemmé. Our staff are happy to help you with any enquiries.

If you are unsure about the shade you need for your wig, we provide a colour match service where you can send us a sample of your hair (or wig) by post. We can then suggest the nearest shade for you. If you need to chat about colour match, we also host a messenger service via webcam. Please call us direct on 01964 631199 for further details.