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The Sentoo Collection takes its name from the Japanese word for 'brilliant' or 'the best'.  After all, this is an absolutely top collection! These new wigs are light as a feather; feel summery and natural, and fit like a glove. This is partly due to its fine mix of technology and craft. The wigs' lace front has been renewed and part of the inside has a hand knotted finish. The result is a monofilament wig that has an innovative 'perfect fit' - so comfortable that wearers simply forget that they are wearing it. We are unable to export these products outside of the British Isles due to the trading regulations on the range.

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104 Sentoo Premium Plus

104 Sentoo Premium Plus£378.00   £340.00

204 Sentoo Premium Plus

204 Sentoo Premium Plus£410.00   £369.00

102 Sentoo Premium Plus

102 Sentoo Premium Plus£378.00   £340.00

202 Sentoo Premium Plus

202 Sentoo Premium Plus£378.00   £340.00

302 Sentoo Premium Plus

302 Sentoo Premium Plus£404.00   £363.00

402 Sentoo Premium Plus

402 Sentoo Premium Plus£409.00   £368.00

502 Sentoo Premium Plus

502 Sentoo Premium Plus£409.00   £368.00

Akari Wig

Akari Wig£216.00   £194.00

Misaki Wig

Misaki Wig£220.00   £198.00

Aya Wig

Aya Wig£207.00   £185.00

Hana Wig

Hana Wig£220.00   £198.00

Sakura Wig

Sakura Wig£216.00   £194.00

Maiko Wig

Maiko Wig£207.00   £185.00

Yama Wig

Yama Wig£207.00   £185.00

Kasumi Wig

Kasumi Wig£207.00   £185.00

Natsu Wig

Natsu Wig£220.00   £198.00

Sora Wig

Sora Wig£216.00   £194.00

Tani Wig

Tani Wig£207.00   £185.00

Kyu Wig

Kyu Wig£207.00   £185.00

Special Offer
Mitsu Wig

Mitsu Wig£207.00   £155.25

Special Offer
Myu Wig

Myu Wig£220.00   £165.00

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Customer Services & Colour Matching

If you need any assistance in choosing your wig, our team can give you advice on the phone as we are not just 'an internet company'. We have qualified hairdressers & colour technicians on our team who have worked for established companies including Goldwell and TRESemmé. Our staff are happy to help you with any enquiries.

If you are unsure about the shade you need for your wig, we provide a colour match service where you can send us a sample of your hair (or wig) by post. We can then suggest the nearest shade for you. If you need to chat about colour match, we also host a messenger service via webcam. Please call us direct on 01964 631199 for further details.

for help and advice call 01964 631199 for help and advice call 01964 631199 view basket
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